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Requirment's for stay

A drop off time will be pre-arranged for your dog to be dropped off with us. Please make sure you arrive on time and not early. We may have another drop-off on the same day and we want all dogs to get our full attention when they are being dropped off. If you are going to be late please let us know so we can try and rearrange our daily activities.

We understand there are delays whilst traveling but we please ask that you keep us up to date if delays occur. If for some reason you are delayed overnight we will do our best to accommodate. If this is not possible we will contact your emergency contact.

-Vaccine Requirement-

Vaccination documentation must be confirmed five days prior to check-in.
​We will need your current vaccination records for:



The Bordetella vaccine must be administered at least five days prior to check-in if it has expired or has never been administered.

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